Top 5: Restaurantes in America (Fourth Part)

4º restaurant in America:

With a lot of enthusiasm, we write this post and we go to…. BRASIL!!! This great zone from South America, remarkable by the powerful life that is given to this city. We move ourselves to the city of Sao Paolo for giving you to know one of the best restaurants and best qualified of the city. So that can help you someday if you have the opportunity to travel to this beautiful city.

Coco Bambu Analia Franco is the second restaurant among 36.869 more restaurant in Sao Paolo we remark for this Top5. This restaurant is focused on brasilian food like seafood and south american food, in general. And al so it offers you options like vegetarian food or free gluten food for all of us who want it. Inside this, you can enjoy a romantic dish with your couple as well as a great dinner for big groups because this place relies on an atmosphere for all of you. For that reason, we say this restaurant is available for all the segments.

Talking about all the services the restaurant offers, we remark some typical like free WiFi for all the clients, parking lot attendant, that implies its own parking. We remar also the access for disabilities persons, among others.

Finally, the clients, mainly, describe as with excelent (5) in the ranking of TripAdvisor and not taking down the punctuation of three. Regarding the comments, you have just to have a look here:

Coco Bambu Analia Franco, TripAdvisor
Coco Bambu Analia Franco, TripAdvisor

If you want to check more information about this restaurant, click here

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