Top 5: Restaurants in Europe (Fifth Part)


5º restaurant in Europe:

Europe is a great continent with a great variety of foods.

We have been talking about the gastronomy from all the countries, and to finish this top 5 we want to show you this resturant of typical food from Spain. Like we said we are from Barcelona and we want to focus in mediterranean aliments, one of the most varied and balanced of the world.

The name of the restaurant that we want to talk about is Spoonik and it’s located in Lesseps square. It’s is famous for the artists who are in the kitchen and how they prepare the dishes. They are differents, stimulating and avant-garde.

The Spoonik experience opens up to the public by leaving clandestinity. Spoonik Restaurant is the evolution of Spoonik Club, respecting the same philosophy of hospitality, creativity, avant-garde technique and miscegenation, but providing subtle differences that enrich the visit.

Spoonik club
Spoonik club

Besides offering you a culinary experience, the restaurant also offers other important aspects of the gastronomy, the wine. The sommelier is an artist and the wine tasting is incredible.

The guests rate the restaurant as an excellent and sublime one. They define the dishes as art and all the comments are positives.

TripAdvisor: Spoonik
TripAdvisor: Spoonik

It is necessary to emphasize that it is an elegant space decorated with profusion of artistic elements, where every detail speaks, and with evocative zenithal visuals that submerge the visitor in a special atmosphere.

A scenario where everything is possible and that changes with each visit.

Top 5: Restaurants in Africa (First part)

Fayruz Lebanese Restaurant


We want to do something different to the recipes…  So for that reason, we are going to give you a series of restaurants. In our opinion, are the best to go to eat around all the continents!

1º restaurant in Africa:

In Africa, it is important to understand that there are an amount of quality restaurants if you are searching for the country where you want to go. Most of them are in the top 10 of more recognized restaurants, considering the relation between the prize and the quality.

So, the restaurants that take advantage of the valuation and popularity are those which are located in Morocco, Egypt and South Africa. We will take advantage in restaurants from El Cairo, Egypt, because they are in the first position of the Africa restaurants ranking.

Different photos from Fayruz Lebanese Restaurant

Fayruz Lebanese Restaurant is a clear example of top 10 restaurants. This restaurant is in El Cairo located inside “InterContinental Cairo Citystars” Hotel, in Omar Ibn El Khattab Street, Heliopolis, 115. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes: Lebanese, Mediterranean, as well as vegetarian menus, Halal, without gluten and vegan food.

Additionally, the restaurant offers a huge number of amenities like the comfort and satisfaction or adapting the accessibility to disabled people and segmentation of customers. There is another thing relevant: there are shows to offer to the public. In this way, you will have a better experience while enjoying unique and different culinary, culturally varieties. Finally, Fayruz also have parking lot attendant service, free wifi, among others.

References from TripAdvisor

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